EZ2See® Products

Help People See Their Calendars and Retain Control of Their Schedules.

EZ2See® Products help people maintain their own calendars and retain control of their schedules.
High contrast
Large black letters and numbers stand out against the white background
Large writing space
More space for recording plans
Black Borders and Bold Lines 
Black bordered sticky notes and bold no-bleed pens make notations easy to see

Comfortable Non-Compression Skin Protectors

Our non-compression, seamless knit material contours to your body’s natural shape.

  • Latex-Free

  • Machine Washable

Lightweight & Breathable

The core-spun cotton design is gradually tapered to stay in place without binding your skin.


Comfortable hand and foot openings allow for full range of motion.

Latex Free Products

Prevent Products, Inc. is pleased to be the exclusive distributor for EZ2See® Products LLC, including the EZ2See® Weekly Planner/Calendar…Finally, a calendar you can see!™  Click here for more information about EZ2See® Products LLC and its founder, Edward Cohen.