EZ2See Products Logo. EZ2See written with old fashioned round magnifying glass positioned over the number 2, making it look larger.

EZ2See® Products

EZ2See Products Help People See Their Calendars, Retain Control of Their Schedules, and Empower Them to Live More Independently.

  • EZ2See® No Bleed Pen

EZ2See® Products help people maintain their own calendars, retain control of their schedules, and live more independently.
  • High Contrast – Large black letters and numbers stand out against the white background

  • Large Writing Space – More space for recording plans

  • Black Borders and Bold LinesBlack bordered sticky notes and bold no-bleed pens make notations easy to see

Prevent Products, Inc. is pleased to be the exclusive distributor for EZ2See® Products LLC, including the EZ2See® Weekly Planner/Calendar® Finally, a calendar you can see! Click here for more information about EZ2See® Products LLC and its founder, Edward Cohen.