GeriHeel® Heel Flotation Device & Cover


Soft, premium alternating pocket foam surface layer allows air to circulate!

  • Helps redistribute pressure without compromising blood flow to the feet & toes.
  • High density base layer helps prevent “bottoming” out.

One device fits the width of a standard hospital mattress or twin bed to help float both heels comfortably in supine or side-lying positions. Standard elastic slip cover included. Fully enclosed zippered slip covers available (not pictured).

  • GeriHeel® Small: Patients up to approx 150 lb
  • GeriHeel® Medium: Patients approx 150-300 lbs
  • GeriHeel® Large: Patients approx >250 lbs
  • Slip Cover: Standard elastic slip cover: one size fits any GeriHeel®. Fully enclosed zippered slipcovers are also available for an additional charge.
Free shipping over $50. $7 flat under $50.


Release Pressure

Heel ulcers can easily develop in thin-skinned heels when they are in prolonged contact with a bed or mattress. The GeriHeel™ Heel Flotation Device is designed to be placed under the legs to alleviate heels from pressure and aid in recovery. The various heights of the GeriHeel™ Heel Flotation Device are dependent on weight to raise feet and heels to the right height.

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Small with standard elastic slip cover, Small with fully enclosed zippered slip cover, Medium with standard elastic slip cover, Medium with fully enclosed zippered slip cover, Large with standard elastic slip cover, Large with fully enclosed zippered slip cover


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