GeriHip® with PPI-RAP®

Hip Protector Advanced Protective Foam Set (Brief + Pads)

GeriHip® with PPI-RAP® Hip Protector Advanced Protective Foam Set (Brief + Pads)


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  • The GeriHip® with PPI-RAP® Hip Protector Set includes a soft and comfortable knit brief with interior side pockets that hold protective foam pads over the hips (pads included)
  • Our new PPI-RAP® pads will fit into existing GeriHip® briefs.
  • Discreet, comfortable & lightweight!
  • Protect your independence and buy the GeriHip® with PPI-RAP® TODAY!
Size Weight Hip Measurement
Small <115 lb or <52 kg 26-38 in or 66-96 cm
Medium 115-150 lb or 52-68 kg 38-47 in or 96-119 cm
Large 150-200 lb or 68-90 kg 47-54 in or 119-137 cm
X-Large >200 lb or >90 kg 54-61 in or 137-154 cm


Better with Collaboration

Prevent Products, Inc. has teamed up with industrial designers and material scientists to develop new protection in the geriatric hip protection market. After extensive testing, we are proud to present PPI-RAP™, a better foam hip protector.

New Advancements

  • 40% thinner
  • 60% more protective
  • Contours to the natural body shape
  • Microban® Antimicrobial Product Protection
  • PPI-RAP™ pads will last a lifetime

The Difference Maker

PPI-RAP™ works in a unique way. This foam has the ability to “solidify” at the moment of impact, wherever the impact occurs. Then, the foam immediately returns to its original soft, flexible state. The foam’s ability to solidify gives it superior protection while offering maximum comfort.

How does Microban® Protection Work?

Microban® antimicrobial technologies are infused into PPI-RAP™during the manufacturing process and becomes a permanent part of the molecular structure. When microbes come in contact with the product surface, Microban® protection penetrates the cell wall of the microbe and disrupts key cell functions so that the microbe cannot function, grow or reproduce. Microban® technology protects PPI-RAP™materials from the growth of bacteria.