X-Span® Tubular Dressing Retainer


Soft two-way stretch mesh helps securely hold wet or dry dressings. For use on areas that are difficult to secure with tape or for those sensitive or allergic to tape. Cut to size for a wide range of use. Each box contains one tubular roll of 8 yards of relaxed dressing for about 28 uses (10” sections). Polyester, spandex. Made in USA.

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Pain-Free Dressing

X-Span® Tubular Dressing Retainer is designed to keep bandages and wound dressings in place, so they do not slip during activity and between treatments.  Soft and with reduced lint content, X-Span® Tubular Dressing Retainer stretches for comfortable fit.

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Size 1: Fingers – 2 cm, Size 2: Fingers w/ Anchor – 3 cm, Size 3: Foot-Arm-Hand – 5 cm, Size 4: 4 Arm-Hand-Elbow – 7 cm


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